Writing to Sherrie in Jail

On March 9, Sherrie Andre was found guilty of trespassing and disturbing the peace and was sentenced to THIRTY DAYS in jail, the maximum possible penalty.

We are shocked and enraged. But we know that this is the exact type of violence that the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department, the prison industrial complex and the criminal “justice” system impose on people every single day.

Sherrie was arrested at a protest in August 2018 at the Bristol County House of Corrections. The action was carried out in solidarity with people detained by ICE at the facility who launched a hunger strike to demand better conditions. During the action Sherrie was brutalized by the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department.

At the trial, the prosecution failed to prove that Sherrie committed any crimes, yet they were still found guilty. Despite dozens of letters of support submitted on Sherrie’s behalf, the judge enforced the maximum sentence.

After the jail sentenced was announced, one of Sherrie’s supporters was violently arrested in the courthouse.

Despite the repression we have faced, we will keep fighting to support our people and hold the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department accountable for their violence.

Letters can be to sent to Sherrie while they serve a 30 day prison sentence at the Bristol County House of Corrections:

Sherrie Andre, ID 193414, Cell DWC-C4
Bristol County House of Correction, 400 Faunce Corner Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747

All mail MUST include a return address. More info about sending mail to the facility can be found here: https://bcso-ma.us/visitors-mailinginfo.htm

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