Last Week in Bristol County: In Solidarity with Incarcerated Individuals

Last week we took action in multiple cities in Bristol County, Massachusetts in solidarity with individuals incarcerated by the state, and in resistance to the 287(g) and IGSA contract between ICE and the county. 

In New Bedford on January 8th, we marched from the New Bedford District Court to the Ash Street Jail, one of the oldest jails in the country, which is notorious for its terrible conditions. We took the streets and were joined by community members who shared our message and our goals.

The following morning in Mansfield, a town that has voted overwhelmingly for Sheriff Hodgson, we blocked a busy intersection to raise awareness about Bristol County’s collaborations with ICE. We blocked traffic for over an hour, passed out flyers on the MBTA commuter rail platform and on the street, and dropped a banner over the intersection. 

On January 7th, over 100 of us came to the New Bedford District Court to support Sherrie as they began their trial. 

Despite the fact that both Sherrie’s legal team, and the prosecution were prepared for the trial, the judge inexplicably decided to move the trial to February 26th.

After the decision was announced, court officers violently and aggressively removed supporters from the court house.

We won’t back down and will continue to support Sherrie and resist ICE and state violence in Bristol County.

For the week of what was supposed to be the trial, we invited our friends and comrades from across the so-called United States to join us. We are so appreciative of everyone who took the time out of their busy and important schedules to join the FANG community in supporting Sherrie and supporting the fight to end 287(g) and shut down ICE. 

It’s important to us to make space for healing and community care, especially for people who are consistently putting their bodies on the line. While we took action this week, we also took time to care for one another and to heal. We went bowling! We had a party! We went to the ocean! On Tuesday night, over 150 of our friends joined us at the First Unitarian Church in Providence for a community dinner in which we shared delicious food and heard from incredible frontline organizers from across Turtle Island. Endless thank you’s to everybody who made this week possible.

The re-scheduled trial date is February 26. We will post updates closer to then, but if you’re interested in coming to support Sherrie, save the date! 

Until then, you can support in the following ways:

  • Following @FangCollective on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and sharing our updates to spread the word.
  • Donating funds so that we can continue the #ShutDownICE campaign. This money goes to resisting ICE and 287(g) in Bristol County, caring for our community, and paying fines and bails when possible.
  • Signing the pledge to take action to further plug into the campaign:

With militant love,

The FANG Collective

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