Letter of Support for Sherrie

On January 7th, Sherrie Anne Andre will be going on trial after being arrested during a direct action at the Bristol County House of Corrections in Massachusetts. The action was carried out in solidarity with people detained by I.C.E. at the facility who launched a hunger strike to demand more humane treatment.

We are collecting letters of support for Sherrie that will be used at the trial. Please feel free to submit a letter of your own by emailing Support@ShutDownICEnow.org or sign on to this letter.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express strong support for Sherrie Anne Andre and the action they took last summer to call attention to inhumane conditions for I.C.E. detainees and inmates within the Bristol County House of Correction. Sherrie’s action, and the work they do in their communities, fall within a long tradition of dissent and civil disobedience that has led movements for positive change in the United States. With this in mind, I believe that Sherrie’s action ought to be recognized as a service to the community, rather than treated as a crime to be punished.

Sherrie is deeply committed to social justice work out of care and responsibility for their communities, and their actions, even when breaking the law, are driven by thought and consideration for how they will affect everyone directly or indirectly involved. The action last summer, for which Sherrie is facing criminal charges, was a necessary effort to combat injustice in our community, and, moreover, was carried out with the least possible inconvenience to residents of the area.

Because of the degree of thoughtfulness with which Sherrie approaches all aspects of their life, they are a leader and mentor to many people working for positive change in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and in communities across the continent. Sherrie’s lawbreaking actions represent the interests of so many who oppose the injustice carried out by I.C.E. and other violent agencies.

I believe that it would be a mistake to legally penalize Sherrie for their attempt to demand humane conditions for all people, and I urge the court to drop all charges against them.


Sign your organization on to this letter here.

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