Recap of our Week of Action to #ShutDownICE

During the last week of June, we carried out a Week of Action to #ShutDownICE. The week of action was organized to time up with the expiration of ICE’s 287(g) program which allows for local law enforcement to carry out the duties of ICE agents. We took action to raise awareness about the program, and to demand that agencies in Massachusetts and elsewhere not renew their 287(g) agreements.

Below is a day by day recap of the actions that we took. Please DONATE to support our resistance.

Targeting UMB Bank and the Wyatt Detention Facility

On Monday, June 24th we organized a social media storm that targeted UMB Bank and their CEO Mariner Kemper. Earlier this year UMB sued to force the Wyatt Detention Center in Central Falls, Rhode Island to continue to hold people detained by ICE. The Board that governs the Wyatt had agreed to end their collaboration with ICE after community protests, but was forced to continue to work with ICE after UMB’s lawsuit.

Later in the day on Monday, we visited Deming Sherman’s office in Providence to demand that he do everything in his power to allow lawyers to enter and provide legal representation to people detained by ICE at the Wyatt facility. Deming Sherman is the court appointed “Special Master” assigned to ensure that UMB Bank and other investors continues to profit from ICE detentions at the Wyatt. You can watch the video of the action here. 

Disrupting the Plymouth County Police Officers Association

On Tuesday we were in Kingston, Massachusetts where we disrupted the monthly gathering of the Plymouth County Police Officers Association. At the gathering was Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald, who has signed on Plymouth County to both a 287(g) and an IGSA agreement with ICE. Through the IGSA agreement hundreds of people are held at the Plymouth County House of Corrections on behalf of ICE. 

We disrupted the meeting and directly asked Sheriff McDonald to end his collaborations with ICE. We took action in honor of the lives of Sophorn Sam and Cuthbert Bonnie, and the lives of many unknown names, that were uprooted or lost at the hands of Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald’s collaboration with ICE. Here’s the video of the action. 

Demanding that the Bristol County District Attorney Stop Prosecuting Activists

On Wednesday we held a call-in day to Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn demanding that he stop prosecuting people for resisting ICE, and instead investigate corrupt and racist Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.

Last August four people were arrested after peacefully blocking the entrances to the Bristol County House of Corrections. One person has already served a ten day jail sentence for taking action, and two others will be serving jail sentences soon. Sherrie, a co-founder of FANG, is facing trial for their role in the action later this summer.

You can still CALL Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quin and urge him to stop prosecuting activists and to investigate Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson instead: 508-997-0711 

Blockading the Massachusetts Department of Corrections

On Thursday we blockaded the headquarters of the Massachusetts Department Of Corrections. Three entrance gates were locked while the main entrance was blocked by folks locked into concrete blockades. The Massachusetts Department of Corrections has a 287(g) agreement with ICE, meaning that anyone who enters a State prison in Massachusetts can be detained on immigration charges. 

The blockade lasted for several hours. One person was arrested and charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. You can watch the initial livestream of the action here, and view more photos of the action here

ICE Kills Trans Women – Taking Action in Cape Cod on the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall

Friday June 28th marked the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Stonewall Police Riots, an uprising that played a crucial role in the history of trans and queer resistance.

We took action in Cape Cod that day to commemorate this anniversary and draw attention to state violence against trans women of color who continue to be marginalized, harassed and murdered at striking rates. We hold solidarity with trans and queer folks resisting state violence, and want to recognize and honor Roxsana Hernández Rodríguez and Johana Medina León, two trans migrants recently killed by ICE.

Barnstable County’s Sheriff James M. Cummings signed a 287(g) agreement in November 2017, despite pushback in the county. Sheriff Cummings continues to face substantial criticism for his collaboration with ICE in Cape Cod and its surrounding islands; an area famous for its support of white gay communities.

Cape Cod and its white gay pride are complicit in the continued violence faced by LGBTQ2S+ peoples of color, and must return to Pride’s Radical Roots of Resistance to state violence by demanding an end to its 287(g) agreement. You can view more images of the action here.

Rally Against ICE at the Bristol County House of Corrections

On Saturday over 150 people rallied at the Bristol County House of Corrections demanding that the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department end their collaborations with ICE. Bristol County has both a 287(g) and a IGSA agreement with ICE. Read more about the rally here.

Thanks to everyone who supported the Week of Action to #ShutDownICE! If you are able to, please pitch in with a donation to help cover the costs of this mobilization.

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